Cosmetic Label Printing Tips for Health & Beauty Products

The health and beauty product market is crowded with competitors, but one way to stand out from the others is with compelling beauty product labels. Cosmetic label printing for health and beauty products runs the gamut from makeup and hair care to soap and face cleansers. Custom cosmetic labels need to have a font and imagery that gets attention and attracts the interest of first-time buyers and repeat customers. Besides choosing colors or graphics that brand your product to consumers, you can use print finishing options such as embossing, foil stamping, or a glossy finish to give the labels a more sophisticated or glamorous look. Whether you choose colorful graphics or a professional text-based, minimal look, the design of your beauty product labels brand your product and serves as a visual introduction to customers.

Top 5 Tips for Your Beauty Product Labels

Whether it’s your first product launch or you are refreshing your label design always keep these things in mind:

  1. Follow the rules when it comes to cosmetic label printing so you are not subject to regulatory action from the FDA. Some of the information your beauty product labels need to include are an accurate statement of the net quantity of the contents, warning and caution statements, and the product ingredients (in descending order of predominance).
  2. You can also highlight other indicators in the product using official symbols. Organic, vegan, and cruelty-free all have specific symbols that highlight these qualities. You must use the official symbols, instead of creating your own, or the qualities will not be viewed as being legitimate.
  3. Not all products are created alike which means they likely come in different shapes and sizes. So make sure to adapt your label content to the shape of the product. Regardless of the shape of the product, all of the information required by the FDA needs to be included on the labeling.
  4. When designing your labels, keep the color palette of your branding in mind. Make sure the colors and design aesthetics you choose are appropriate for the product you are promoting. While green and yellow colors are ideal for natural or organic products, they are not an ideal choice for products that might contain sulfates or aluminum like perfume or shampoos.
  5. Let consumers know what makes your product unique and why they should choose you over the competition. Highlight the unique features and benefits such as specialty ingredients or the fact that your product is organic. Showcase the special aspects of your product to grow sales.

Custom Cosmetic Labels That Make An Impression

It is time for us to share the number one tip for health and beauty product labels: Work with an experienced and trusted label vendor (spoiler alert: That’s us!)

Graphic Communications has decades of experience in designing and printing custom health and beauty labels. Our team combines a branding background with an artistic eye to design cosmetic labels that create interest and deliver the information consumers want to know (as well as information required by the FDA). It is true that your first impression makes a lasting impression so make a positive impact on the public with well-designed and informative product labels.

Put these cosmetic label printing tips to work for your products by calling our design team today.

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