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extended content labels

Extended Content solutions

In today's marketplace, clarity and extensive information are paramount. Expanded Content labels are an innovative solution for when traditional labels fall short. Often, brands are challenged by the limitations of label space, especially when they need to incorporate vital details like multilingual information, regulatory guidelines, or intricate product narratives.


Designed for maximum utility, multi-layered labels are characterized by their capacity to house extensive details in a compact form, all while maintaining a sleek appearance. Our extensive materials expertise ensures that the label remains easy to use and resilient—ideal for products exposed to moisture or substances like grease, inks, and chemicals. 


With customizable sizes, our labels guarantee that your product speaks volumes. Options include single-use or resealable.  With resealable functionality, your customers can revisit product information at their convenience, anytime during the shelf life of the product.


Whether you call them 2-ply, peel and reseal, booklet, extended content, or something else entirely, embrace the future of labeling with GCI's Extended Content Labels, where every square inch becomes a canvas for your brand's story or products’ compliance requirements.


Extended Content labels can be printed on a variety of versatile materials and custom-built to fit your container and your content. Whether you only need a small amount of extra space or multiple pages of text to convey your message, extended content labels are the answer.


These multi-ply solutions, often called booklet or fold-out labels, encapsulate vast data within a compact frame.  ensuring your brand delivers impactful and essential information without compromise.

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