Heat Seal Lidding

Lidding films designed with precision.

Heat Seal Lidding

Heat Seal Lidding - A Core Legacy

From the inception of Graphic Communications, Inc., heat seal lidding materials have been an integral part of our DNA. This expertise is reflected in our top-tier lidding solutions, designed with precision for medical and sterile packaging needs.


Utilizing the strength of engineered, heat seal materials, our roll-to-roll or die-cut lidding solutions ensure a seamless fit with your thermoformed packaging whether you need breathability for sterilization, or moisture barrier, or a resealable application. 


Our commitment to innovation in heat seal lidding extends beyond material selection. By integrating state-of-the-art printing and inspection technologies, we deliver lidding solutions that not only meet stringent requirements but also enhance the visual appeal of your products. Our approach ensures that every lidding solution we provide is tailored to the specific needs of our clients, offering optimal performance, reliability, and user experience. Whether it's ensuring product integrity, extending shelf life, or facilitating easy opening, our lidding solutions are designed to address the multifaceted challenges of modern packaging.

Barrier Integrity

GCI's heat seal lidding options include Tyvek® by DuPont™, sterilizable materials, foil and paper coated/foil options providing varying degrees of moisture and oxygen barriers, breathability, tear and peel properties.

Custom Fit

Our precision-engineered lids are designed for a perfect seal with your thermoformed trays. They offer durability and reliable sealing, ensuring product safety and consumer trust in every package.

Heat Seal Lidding