Make sure your labels keep up with the competitive, ever-changing medical industry landscape.


Advantages of GCI Medical Labels

Custom medical labels, such as diagnostic, OTC and tamper evident labels, are in strong demand due to the competitive and ever-changing industry and regulatory landscape. GCI’s experience can help customers develop label processes to meet these challenges.


GCI offers a range of materials to meet demanding labeling applications and achieve the desired look.

Print Correctly

In the medical industry, printing labels correctly the first time is a must. That's why we offer a triple proofing process.

Durable Materials

Like labels developed for nutraceutical products, medical labels must also be durable enough to withstand constant handling.

Proper Traceability

Documentation is vital to the internal qualification and inspection processes our customers must perform in order to meet strict FDA guidelines before products can be packaged and released to the market.

Types of Medical Labels

Track and Trace Serialization

Hospitals, Pharmacies and Healthcare

Our labels for hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare are high quality medical labels produced from first quality label materials, inks, and finishes.

To help ensure your label remains legible, compliant and maintains the brand’s image, GCI’s digital and flexographic presses provide state of the art color matching capabilities and consistency along with a 100% visual inspection system process.

Diagnostic Labels and Packaging

Diagnostic labels and packaging are used for biomedical engineering, diagnostic imaging, blood tests, immunizations and other lab testing. Graphic Communications partners with Medical and Diagnostic Testing device manufacturers whose products provide life saving research and diagnostics. This includes:

  • A 40 year history of converting medical grade, heat seal Tyvek for device lidding and pouching along with other sterilizable substrates.
  • In-house manufacturing of pre-screening tests for Colorectal cancer. The accuracy of which has won our customer national and international contracts.
  • Labeling for systems and products which diagnose and develop treatments for cancer and infectious diseases. Features include incremental data coding, durable materials, special pattern coatings and complete traceability.
  • How Pharma Track And Trace Works
    nutrition and supplement labels

    Over the Counter (OTC) Labels

    Over the counter labels are unique since they are particularly dependent on quality, accuracy, anti-counterfeiting features and traceability. GCI utilizes effective control procedures to ensure a high level of quality and brand consistency for all OTC labels.

    OTC labels convey not only the brand image but important information to the consumer such as directions and warnings the consumer should be aware of prior to usage. A specific challenge OTC customers often experience is not having enough space on one label to include all the required information/languages. Two great solutions for including additional information are multi-layer booklets and extended content labels.

    Tamper Evident Labels

    The packages of most medical and drug products have at least one thing in common: they must be tamper-evident. A tamper-evident package, according to the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (21 CFR § 211.132), “is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred.”

    In addition, the indicator or barrier must be “distinctive by design,” which means the tamper-evident feature is designed from material not readily available to the public and cannot be easily duplicated. The labeling should also include a description of the safety feature. The product label needs to include a statement directing the consumer not to use the product if the safety feature has been compromised.

    GCI has extensive experience in helping customers comply with their packaging requirements using tamper-evident labels with enhance security features.

    Does Your Product Need Tamper Evident Labels?

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