Custom engineered presssure sensitive labels manufactured to meet your specifications.

custom pressure sensitive labels


With their adaptability across nearly all industries, pressure sensitive labels are the cornerstone of effective packaging. Their versatility is unparalleled, catering to diverse applications, whether it's for sleek cosmetics, life-saving medical devices, durable industrial goods, or artisanal foods. At GCI, we understand that these labels are much more than just 'stickers.' They represent your brand's first impression.

Why choose pressure sensitive labels? They offer a distinct, premium appearance that sets products apart. Pressure sensitive labels also provide vast design potential, whether you're aiming for a modern No-Label-Look or a textured paper feel. And beyond aesthetics, this labeling format excels in functionality. Their wide range of face stock materials, from eco-friendly recycled paper to durable options for challenging conditions, ensures a fit for every need. Couple that with advanced adhesives tailored for specific uses, and it's clear: pressure sensitive labels deliver both on performance and visual appeal, making them a packaging industry favorite.

Our pressure sensitive labeling solutions harness the power of complex graphics and rigorous functionality requirements. Whether you require vibrant colors, distinctive shapes, or varying sizes, we leverage cutting-edge printing technology to transform your vision into tangible and powerful results. With GCI's pressure sensitive labels, it's not just about sticking—it's about making a statement.


Pressure Sensitive labels offer ultimate flexibility. Whether you need a durable label that withstands harsh environments, a label that works on a squeezable container, or an intricately designed label to convey luxury, pressure sensitive labels are up to the task.


Your pressure sensitive label project will be printed on state of the art flexographic or HP Indichrome digital presses. Whether you need 100 labels for product mock-ups, multiple SKUs, or a large production run of 1 item, Pressure Sensitive labels are a perfect fit. We will work with you to make sure your current project requirements are met with an eye on the future so that you can scale your brand without sacrificing quality and appearance. 

Pressure Sensitive Health & Beauty Labels
Pressure Sensitive Heath & Beauty Labels
Pressure Sensitive Automotive Label