Precision Labels for Medical Devices: A Trusted Partner in Quality and Traceability

Precision Labels for Medical Devices: A Trusted Partner in Quality and Traceability

GCI’s journey began with a clear vision: to provide the medical device and diagnostic sectors with unparalleled label-performance standards and services. Today, GCI stands as one of the most prominent family-owned national suppliers of medical device labels in the industry, serving as an essential link in the healthcare ecosystem. 

Success in serving the medical device industry means far more than just printing a label. Constantly having to navigate market forces like regulatory compliance, rapid technological changes, intellectual property protection and potential supply chain disruptions, medical device companies are facing the additional challenge of having to make their designs more patient-centric than ever before.

Process and Quality Control 

Traceability plays a critical role in the medical device space to help ensure that our clients’ products demonstrate compliance with regulations, facilitating recalls, and providing evidence of safety and efficacy. Traceability is also essential in the post-market surveillance stage of the product life cycle, helping manufacturers identify potentially affected devices and distribution paths to address patient safety issues. At GCI, we have a dedicated medical device and QC team in place internally, ensuring that every label meets the most stringent performance and traceability requirements. Our specification experts bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, collaborating closely with our medical device customers to engineer precision-controlled protocols. 

Meeting Tolerance Requirements and Proven Testing Protocols

Printed packaging in the medical device and diagnostic space requires some of the most precise tolerance requirements in the industry. At GCI, we closely collaborate with our clients’ packaging engineers and R&D teams to create testing prototypes that provide our clients with a clear understanding of how their labels will perform in real-world scenarios. 

Decades of serving this sector have also equipped us with proven internal testing protocols. These protocols have been fine-tuned over time to ensure that our labels adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Whether it’s diagnostic equipment, pumps, ampules, surgical instruments monitoring devices, or therapeutic equipment, our labels and packaging are designed to seamlessly integrate into the end product. 

Our roots in the medical device space run deep, and our origin story is a testament to our commitment and success. Founded with the purpose of printing labels for medical devices and diagnostic components, we have continued to expand our capabilities and expertise over the years. Our ISO 9001 certification underscores our unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision for our medical device customers.