High-quality design paired with strong, long-lasting labels set products up for success


The health & beauty labels market is enormous and covers a wide range of segments ranging from nutraceuticals to cosmetics.

Labels can be used on a multitude of health and beauty products such as:

  • Lip balms
  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Nail Polish
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Vitamins
  • Dietary supplements
  • Essential oils
  • Make-up

Health And Beauty Labels Are a Marketing Tool

Ordering custom printed labels from GCI is one of the best investments you can make in growing your business. Health and beauty labels are an important marketing tool, and can make or break the success of your Health and Beauty Aid (HBA) product line. To get professional results from your marketing efforts, you need quality product labels.

Labels have to be durable due to repetitive handling of the product container yet also be attractive enough to draw the consumer’s attention. GCI can help you with label designs to work with your container’s size, shape and the product’s expected life span.

There are many options for both white and clear durable materials used for cosmetic labeling. Clear materials offer several design options which offer a sophisticated look without blocking the view of the product inside.

HBA Labels and Digital Printing

Our HP Indigo digital printing press creates beautiful and effective labels and packaging that:

  • Withstands repetitive handling and moisture resistance. GCI will help you select the best coatings and materials to ensure your product continues to look good.
  • Presents well on the shelf. Consumers face more choices in beauty product today, than ever before. Digital printing offers the HBA manufacturer a quick response to market demands.

As a custom label printer, Graphic Communications, Inc. specializes in custom pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging for the food & beverage, health & beauty, chemical, nutraceutical, consumer product and medical industries.

GCI strives for long term and multi-service partnerships with our clients, providing high quality printing, quick and innovative solutions, on-time and on-spec delivery and all the related services necessary help our clients succeed. Please contact us at 215-441-5335 or request a quote below and we will be in touch shortly.


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