Microprinting Security Labels For Secure Printing Solutions

Every type of business wants to feel their products are packaged safely and free of any type of tampering that can damage the product. This is especially true of the medical market as security labels lend an air of trust and credibility to manufacturers. One of the most popular secure printing solutions is microprinting which is an ideal technique for anyone that wants to combat counterfeiting. The printed images and characters are not easy to reproduce through methods such as photocopying. Besides providing a safe feeling when buying a product, secure label solutions preserve your brand in the eyes of the public and position you as a company that is concerned about the well-being of its customers.

Secure Printing Solutions for Your Brand

There are several options when it comes to finding the right security label solutions for your productions.

  • Microtext & microprinting is the production of characters or patterns at a scale where they can only be read or identified using magnification. The text or patterns can be placed in one location, or multiple locations, on medical security labels to prevent easy copying or recreation of the label content.
  • QR codes allow the public to learn more about the product by scanning the code. The codes can lead to the company website as well as verify the authenticity of the drugs. They can also provide dosage information, assist with medication management, and share product safety information.
  • Guilloche secure printing creates a precise and repetitive pattern on the labels. The intricate design is extremely difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce which makes it one of the most secure printing solutions available.

Security Labels for the Medical Market

Secure and customized medical labels are in high demand in the medical market as competitions increases and industry regulations change. With over two decades of experience in creating labels for the medical industry, our design and print teams have developed label processes that provide traceability documentation that meets FDA guidelines as well as your internal inspections. Additionally, our labels are durable enough to withstand repeated handling by the public. From labels for hospitals and pharmacies to over-the-counter labels and diagnostic labels and packaging, our medical labels are printed correctly and according to your specifications.

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