Variable Data Label Printing Benefits and Uses

Variable data printing allows you to change the label graphics on your product without having to change the equipment each time. One of the most successful examples of variable data label printing was the “Share a Coke” campaign where Coca-Cola created personalized labels with popular names on them. It is no exaggeration to say that this campaign was a game-changer for variable data printing with product labels. The public made it a point to either find and purchase their name or the names of their loved ones. A similar marketing strategy could easily be applied to the adhesive digital labels on your products so you can personalize and vary the content according to the needs and desires of your target audience.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Variable Data Printing

  1. Variable data printing saves you time and money because you don’t need to stop a printing press to change out plates and create a label variation. The digital art and files are at your fingertips and can produce labels faster and more efficiently (with less downtime).
  2. Variable data label printing lets you create personalized designs that sell products. Some common examples include limited edition packaging or specialized labels that are targeted towards a particular demographic or region of the country.
  3. Serialized barcodes allow you to securely and efficiently track all of your products, packages, and shipments. Variable printing can add barcodes, catalog numbers, and lot numbers without having to produce individual designs for each product.

Personalized Labels for Your Brand

Personalized labels are not limited to one particular industry or brand. From the medical industry to the health and beauty or food and beverage markets, any industry can engage their audience, diversify the look of their products and customize the marketing message or story they want to share with the public. From additional label security (with serialized barcodes) to lower costs and increased consumer engagement, the ability to personalize labels expands your brand and grows your sales and customer loyalty.

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