Packaging Trends That Attract Millennials

Research from the past few years has shown millennials have more buying power than any previous generation. Thanks to that spending power, many companies are utilizing packaging trends that follow millennial marketing strategies. Millennial customers are used to bright and bold colors on social media platforms such as Instagram as well as streaming services like Spotify. A vivid combination of colors helps products pop on the shelf and attract the eyes of consumers. This customer group is also used to instant gratification, and they want to easily gain the information they desire in a quick manner. The more complicated the packaging, the less time they will spend examining the product.

Print & Packaging Made For Millennial Marketing

Follow the packaging trends tips below so your printed packaging captures the millennial marketing audience:

  • Telling a story that speaks to millennials forges a personal connection and creates brand advocates. Brands should skip “stock photos” and tell a story using real images that reflect the individuality of the audience. Brand loyalty is achieved by companies that speak directly to their audience.
  • Millennials want to be on the ground floor of the “next big thing.” Experiment with your design by creating limited edition packages that feel exclusive and prestigious. This audience also appreciates sustainable options and wants to support companies that are environmentally friendly.
  • Forbes reported millennials prefer minimalism but they also appreciate nostalgia and designs that are retro or analog in appearance. Don’t confuse minimalism with a simple black and white design. Clean lines and controlled colors appeal to their design aesthetic.

Custom Product Packaging & Labels with Digital Printing

When planning custom product packaging solutions, digital printing is the answer to growing your custom engagement. Thanks to its ability to customize your printed output for each product, variable data printing allows you to personalize your message and address consumers by name. You also have the ability to produce seasonal variations of your packaging and even do “one-off” packages for a special event or anniversary. Digital printing produces high-quality results that stand out on the shelf and make consumers want to learn more about your product.

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