Flexo Label Printing: How Businesses Use It

Flexographic printing uses printing plates made of flexible photopolymer, wrapped around rotating cylinders that are part of a web press. The inked plates rotate at high speeds in order to transfer an image that is slightly raised to the substrate. Flexographic label printing is a popular option for businesses as it can be used on a wide variety of packages and materials which means there are few limits when it comes to the packages and substrates available to you. The level of versatility available for the quantities that can be produced, as well as the multiple print finishes, makes flexo label printing a powerful tool for businesses that want their labels to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The Benefits of Flexographic Printing for Businesses of All Sizes

Discover why flexo label printing can greatly benefit your brand:

  • Flexographic printing machines operate at very high press speeds and are ideally suited for longer print runs. This means you can produce large quantities of printed labels at a quicker speed than other label printing methods.
  • Flexo printing can be performed on almost any type of substrate from metal films, corrugated cardboard, plastics, paper, and more. They also print on non-porous materials which means it is a good option for printing on items such as flexible packaging and pouches.
  • Another benefit of the quick printing speeds is the variety of inks that are finished and handled in a single pass. From printing and laminating to die-cutting, precious printing time is saved since multiple passes are not necessary to complete the task.

Take a Step Further with UV Flexographic Label Printing

UV flexographic label printing uses inks that are curable using ultraviolet light (as opposed to old-school drying techniques for solvent-based inks or water-based inks). This printing process is ideal for traditional labels, self-adhesive labels, and cut & stack labels. Thanks to the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of the fast-drying inks, your company will save time and money on larger print runs that do not require any reprinting because they are printed right the first time. Your expanded print capabilities, and increased time in your printing schedule, means you can produce more high-quality printed materials that grow your profits on a yearly basis.

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