Barrel & Drum Labels for Industrial Market Needs

Custom industrial labels are tested on a daily basis under the harshest of conditions and environments. Barrel and drum labels need to be durable and easy to understand when showing operating instructions or safety warnings. These labels should also comply with industry regulations while also showcasing your company name and/or logo. On top of all that, these labels also need to be chemical resistant and potentially tamper proof and tamper evident, have the ability to withstand abrasions that could potentially damage the labels, and be long-lasting. We understand that the industrial market’s needs for labels cover a wide range of uses. So whether you need your labels to withstand abrasive cleansers in hospitals on medical devices or endure exposure to chemicals and solvents on lab equipment/industrial equipment or stand up to extreme outdoor environments on transportation equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Custom Industrial Label Engineered For Every Condition

  • Unique barcodes on industrial and drum labels provide traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Barcodes are an effective identification tool that allows businesses to track products from their starting point until they reach their destination. Barcodes also help to manage inventory by keeping track of the product supply that is available at any given time.
  • It is important for custom industrial labels to be waterproof and chemical resistant while still allowing label warnings and instructions easy to read. Custom-engineered adhesives are used that resist chemical damage while still retaining serial numbers, product information, and static or variable data.
  • The type of substrate and adhesive play a part in gaining the highest quality results. The surface of the substrate determines the type of adhesive that is needed for the label. Plan ahead in the label design process for surfaces that are textured, smooth, or made using a particular kind of finish.

Durable, Chemical Resistant Labels That Last

Once you are ready to produce chemical resistant labels that are long-lasting, durable, and able to withstand any type of environment, the Graphic Communications team is ready to handle the task for you. Our design team has years of experience creating labels that take on all kinds of conditions as well as remaining legible and staying in place for the life of the label and the product. Barrel and drum labels can experience rain, snow, heat, extreme cold, and contact with chemicals. You can be confident in the experience and skills of our team to manufacture labels that maintain their superior quality for a lifetime.

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