Why Private Label Foods Need Digitally Printed Labels

Digitally printed labels are the best option to create custom food labels. The label production process for private label foods needs to keep more than the design in mind. Food safety and FDA regulations must be considered for all private brand label designs. Those rules include everything from making sure your label identifies all the ingredients to the country of origin but it also includes ink that is food-safe.

Label printers understand how the ink used in printing can potentially interact with the food in the package. The amount of ink migration varies between cardboard and plastic packaging as well as between dry and fatty foods. They must also consider the way the food moves through the supply chain and impacts the ink. Water-based inks contain a lower amount of harmful chemicals and are much more environmentally friendly. Digitally printed labels deliver peace of mind thanks to fewer chemicals that can change the taste or appearance of food or the total food efficacy. Food manufacturers can tackle other tasks knowing their food labels are safe.

Custom Food Labels That Adapt to Your Brand

  • Variable data printing capability is especially helpful for food labels. Text and graphics can be changed from one printed piece to the next one. This is important in cases where the products change such as avocados being from California one week and Mexico the following week.
  • Digital label printing saves you time and money because the need for downtime while changing plates is eliminated (unlike flexographic printing). This printing option is ideal for short run print projects and those looking to enjoy more printing capabilities in a briefer amount of time.
  • The design possibilities are endless as any shape, size or color combination you can imagine can be created and produced. From unique shapes to label personalization to access to the full CMYK color spectrum, your “dream design” is easier to achieve than you might think.

Private Brand Labels Succeed With Digital Labels

The success of a product begins and ends with the design and production of a private brand label. Label design needs to include graphics that get attention and text that delivers the desired information. Digital label printing produces custom labels that stand out on the shelf with easy to read copy no matter the size of the text or the amount of facts, figures and details that need to be included on the label. Trust digital labels to brand your business and get you noticed by consumers.

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