Does Your Product Need Tamper Evident Labels?

Tamper proof labels add an extra level of security and authenticity to products that go beyond the branded packaging. They allow consumers to know when a product has been tampered with, or disrupted, before reaching them. While the medical and nutrition & wellness industries are well-known for using tamper evident seals, they are just as popular in other industries such as consumer care products and the food and beverage industry, especially during the COVID pandemic. These specialty labels give you the ability to authenticate your products throughout the buying process. If you want to protect your products, and also build consumer confidence in your company, tamper evident labels are the ideal choice for any industry.

The Benefits of Tamper Proof Labels

  • Tamper proof labels come in a variety of options. Void seal labels protect against unauthorized transfers by showing a “VOID pattern” underneath the area where the label is removed. Barcode labels, with sequential numbering, allows you to track your assets as well as protect them against theft, tampering, or misplacement. A destructible label cannot be removed in one piece which means pieces of the label that are left behind show an attempt to remove it.
  • Tamper evident seals provide security to products by protecting against theft as well. They provide calibration information that visually shows equipment is being maintained in a proper manner.
  • Brand integrity is maintained as the labels ensure the quality of the product. Your product will meet your standards because of the tamper-proof labeling and that product security which gives customers assurance that your products are safe to use.

Build Consumer Trust With Tamper Evident Seals

Consumers want to know the purchases they make are safe and they do not need to worry when opening food, beverages, or a medical bottle. Build trust with tamper evident seals that ensure no one has meddled with your product. Protective seals meet the legal requirements in certain industries to spotlight product integrity from the packaging process to final delivery. Our team uses high-quality materials and adhesives to create tamper evident labels that meet the guidelines and regulations of your particular industry. Consumer trust is easy to achieve when you use distinctive labels that highlight the safety measures practiced by your business.

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