Craft Beer Labels: Tips & Tricks From The Experts

Craft beer is one of the most popular beverages in the United States. Annually, it boasts $19.6-billion in sales and 18% of the overall beer market according to the non-profit Brewers Association. Custom beer labels must deliver the legally required information like alcohol content and government warnings as well as unique graphics that brand the beer and get the attention of consumers. You can go about that in a few different ways, but we are big fans of the wrap-around beer label for cans and bottles.

Wrap-around beer labels are just what their name implies. These labels fully wrap around the container to which they are applied. Wrap-around beer labels use fewer materials (so they cost less) and the tactile feel of the label can deliver the handcrafted feeling consumers desire. Back labeling traditionally contains information such as the Surgeon General’s warning and information about the actual beer (ingredients, ABV, etc.) or the brewery that produces the beer.

Make Your Custom Beer Labels Stand Out

  • Although many beer drinkers worry about the size of the beer bottle, the size of custom beer labels is important as well. The dimensions of the beer label are determined not only by the size but also by the type of container. There are six types of bottles and three types of cans that are standard in the United States and dimensions vary on all of them so be sure to adjust your design to fit your container.
  • The container plays a big part in the design and shape of the label as well. Beer cans traditionally require a more traditional, rectangular shape, but other craft beer containers like bottles and growlers allow for more variation. With more surface area on the container, the labels can have more unique shapes and more creative ideas!
  • The finishing on labels can make the difference in customers deciding to purchase a beer, especially for craft brews. Be sure to use colors and typography on the label that match the vibe of your brewery. Finishing touches, such as lamination and metallic finishes, catch the eye and protect the labels from being damaged before they reach consumers.

Custom Beer Bottle Labels, Growler Labels, and More!

Now that you have a better idea about what goes into the design of custom beer bottle labels and growler labels, it’s time to create your beer labels and put them on the bottle. Our Pre-Press Studio design services help ensure the label you have designed, or simply have in mind, is brought to life and meets the branding standards of your product. Whether the label artwork already exists, or you need help producing it, we provide high-quality results that are delivered on time and within your budget.

Get more expert tips and tricks when it comes to the design and creation of craft beer labels when you call us today.

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