digital-printing-3As one of the first custom digital printers in the Tri-State area to offer HP Indichrome roll-label printing, GCI continues our tradition of quality and quick turnaround utilizing the latest technology. Indichrome offers additional colors (Orange, Violet and Green) to achieve greater color range and matching capability over standard four color process (cmyk).

Digital printing technology is key to giving our clients the competitive advantage for applications which may not initially be best served using traditional printing methods while also complimenting traditional methods by allowing low initial start up costs for projects which may eventually progress into traditional print methods.

digital-printing-4More advertising channels are competing for consumer’s attention than ever before. Consumer goods manufacturers have always relied heavily on the appearance of their packaging, however, timely delivery of product to the market with accurate, up to date and compliant information is also imperative.

The digital solution offers cost effective:wine-1

  • Enhanced security and product lifecycle traceability including sequential numbering and barcoding.
  • Small to mid-size volumes on multiple SKU items. Product life cycles are shorter than ever today, with products increasingly targeted to precise consumer/ business segments.  The need to deal with multiple SKU’s based on regional, lingual, and versional variations is growing rapidly
  • Test market and sampling opportunities can personalized/designed for target audiences
  • Quick response to copy changes due to nutrition, ingredient availability or regulatory requirements. Changes can be incorporated from one run to the next, reducing potential inventory of obsolete packaging.
  • 7 color high resolution quality, consistent from run to run.

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