How Pharma Track And Trace Works

Pharmaceutical drug manufacturers want its customers to feel confident about the medications they are supplying to the market. They want to assure purchasers the drug is authentic and is the one authorized for sale by the FDA. Pharma track and trace refers to the process of tracking and determining both the past and current locations of a drug or sample. In order to make this process easier to execute, track and trace assigns a unique number to each individual unit that can be sold to the public. The number, which is printed on a custom label, is connected to product info such as its point of origin, batch number and who came into contact with the item during each step of the supply chain.  The serialized labels promote product safety by giving easy access to info about the drug prior to it being sold as well any applicable info about product returns or recalls.

Top 3 Benefits of Track and Trace Serialization

  • Track and trace means individual products and samples are easily able to be marked and identified with unique serial numbers. We have all seen in real time how important this service is, most recently with the myriad of COVID-19 testing facilities. Nothing was more important in 2020 than making sure the thousands of daily samples were serialized and analyzed quickly and accurately.
  • Serialized labels make it easy to obtain real time updates about the location and status of a product. Knowing where a product is in the supply chain, using pharma track and trace, simplifies the production and distribution process.
  • Assigning serial numbers allows for accurate and on-time analytics and reporting. The serial numbers are part of a specific system that provides instantaneous data and the ability to track sales and calculate current inventory numbers.

Pharma Track and Trace Labels That Work

Custom-designed and printed pharma track and trace labels work to streamline the creation and distribution of serialized labels. The correct design and printing of these product labels  requires that they are legible, FDA-compliant and accurate to the point that all of the number sequences match with no duplicate numbers in the mix. The proper printing of medical labels provides the necessary documentation for tracing that is needed for internal inspection processes performed before the products are packaged and distributed to the market. In addition, our label printing processes ensure they are durable enough to handle constant handling while still being easy to read and aesthetically pleasing on the product packaging.

Phrama track and trace provides quality control for your label needs when you contact our design and production team today.

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