Having the capability to track and trace product, especially in the pharmaceutical, medical and nutraceutical industries, is an important strategic and operational advantage for companies. It is also being driven by compliance requirements from the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) * with deadlines coming in 2017 and 2018.

Track and trace permits the capture of a unique product’s status throughout the supply chain, and to retrospectively identify and verify its path. Solutions include:

  • Associating products with unique serial numbers as part of a specific code
  • Capturing events at various points in the supply chain
  • Gathering analytics and reporting on the information

GCI has extensive experience in producing serialized labels in a well organized and trouble-free way for their customers. That expertise is critical since the printing components of the track and trace process are often overlooked, but can make or break the effectiveness of their customer’s implementation.

Other vital serialization services, GCI offers are design, label creation and quality assurance that the number sequences are correct and contain no duplicates. GCI can also warehouse your labels and ship them to you when needed.

Please contact GCI for assistance with your serialization, track and trace and labeling needs.