5 Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Are you benefitting from the amazing advantages of flexible packaging solutions? Flexible packaging provides greater design versatility so your product can be displayed everywhere from sitting on the shelf or hanging from a display. Flexible packaging films are notoriously cost-effective as well, eliminating the unnecessary materials and delivering a higher product-to-package ratio. It also allows for a greater variety of design options including high-quality graphics, clarity, style and glossiness. Products that utilize flexible film often promote reusability such as seals, zip locks and spouts that can be resealed after being opened. Consumers and businesses are also looking for more environmentally friendly options when buying products. Flexible packaging film requires less energy to manufacture and transport which means it generates smaller amounts of greenhouse gases as it makes its way to the shelf.

Why Businesses Use Flexible Packaging Solutions

  1. The flexible and soft nature of the flexible packaging provides easy design customization options. Popular customizable, flexible packaging films include polyolefin, chloride and polyethylene. These materials are adaptable and give designers greater control over the packaging including where to place artwork.
  2. Since flexible packaging solutions usually require less materials, the manufacturing cost is normally lower than traditional packaging. Less materials makes the product lightweight when compared to heavier packaging. In turn, this reduces shipping costs as packages are easier to transport and store.
  3. Unique packaging concepts get the attention of consumers. The versatility of packaging design lends itself to innovative concepts that build greater brand recognition and sells products.
  4. Besides creating an attractive, attention-getting product, flexible packaging extends the shelf life of a product. They include a barrier protection that is resistant to moisture and vapors so products stay fresher for a longer period of time.
  5. Flexible packaging uses less energy and water to manufacture and transport so they require less resources to produce. In addition, the efficient use of product to package ratio means less consumer waste is sent to landfills.

Industries Growing with Flexible Packaging Films

As your business grows, you need packaging options that adapt to current trends and consumer interests. We help industries grow with heat seal flexible packaging films (one of the most popular and fastest growing segments of the packaging industry). From OTC to personal care items, medical products and household/industrial cleaning, we offer industry leading processes for items as varied as liquids, creams, towelettes and powder or solid doses for end-use markets. Whether you have an exact design in mind or a general idea that needs assistance in becoming a reality, we have the experience and resources you need to bring your packaging concept to life.

Flexible packaging is ready to benefit your business when you call our design team today.

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