5 Medical Labeling Considerations

When it comes to medical labeling, there are many considerations to keep in mind to make sure the products are used by consumers according to the instructions from the manufacturer. The labels also need to contain necessary information to protect the manufacturer from litigation. There are times when medical device labels are almost an afterthought because manufacturers might feel they don’t directly impact the operation and capabilities of the product. However, the information contained on labels (including pharmaceutical labels) do impact the ability of the user to effectively utilize the medical device or product. Keep these five medical labeling considerations listed below in mind when you are creating your latest medical labels.

What To Remember for Your Medical Device Labels

  1. One of the most important aspects of medical device labels is the safety information for patients. There is specific information that needs to be included according to industry regulations. Keep in mind that FDA standards say medical labeling includes all literature included with the product and not just the actual label.
  2. The content needs to be thoughtfully organized in order to make it easy to find the most important information. Spotlight this information through the size of the printing, the location on the label and the font or color used when printing this content.
  3. In general, the majority of medical devices require a unique device identification (UDI) to ensure traceability. This allows manufacturers to track their device from when it is manufactured through the distribution chain to its final destination.
  4. The FDA has specific labeling requirements when it comes to medical devices. Plus, FDA regulations often change on a regular basis so the labels will need to be updated. Our team is ready to make the regulatory changes to your labels when you supply us with the latest information.
  5. Branding is what allows the public to easily recognize your products in the marketplace. Make sure the labels accurately reflect the messaging of your company. If you are not proud to put your name on your label, the label should not be on the product.

Medical Grade and Pharmaceutical Labels That Last

There are many options when it comes to substrates and printing methods for medical grade and pharmaceutical labels. All of the advice we shared in the section above is irrelevant if the labels do not properly adhere to the device or product. The substrate matters because it needs to be a material that allows the labels to remain adhered for the lifetime of the product. The printing finish is also a vital part of the printing process as labels need to have the ability to withstand repeated handling through any kind of elements. Long-lasting labels have a longer shelf life and brand your company as reputable and trustworthy.

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