Health and Beauty Product Labels that Last

The cosmetic labels on your health & beauty products not only need to appeal to the eye but they also need to be able to withstand the elements such as moisture. Most cosmetic products are stored in moisture-filled environments or they are handled on a regular basis so the beauty product labels need the ability to survive water or repeated handling. The key to long-lasting cosmetic labels is choosing the right materials and adhesives (including materials that create waterproof labels). The ability of labels to stand up to elements helps them remain easy to read while also retaining a professional look that is appealing to consumers.

How to Choose the Right Label Adhesive

  • If the cosmetic labels will be stored in an environment that is humid or filled with moisture, you will want to use an adhesive that has a high solvent resistance. This type of adhesive allows the label to maintain its stickiness when it comes into contact with liquids such as alcohol and water.
  • It is also important to keep the shear resistance in mind when it comes to choosing the right adhesive for your labels. Adhesives that have a high shear resistance are less likely to crack, rip or tear when they are subjected to stress.
  • The materials used for packaging or labeling should be considered when choosing an adhesive. Soft-touch containers need very aggressive adhesives to keep the labels on the product while clear film labels will require ultra-clear permanent adhesives.

Beauty Product Label Materials

Picking the right materials for beauty product labels can be tricky at times but it is a key element to ensuring the longevity of your product labels. Typically, paper stock is not a good choice for creating waterproof labels for products that will be in a moisture-filled environment. Instead, keep these materials in mind:

  • White BOPP – This material is water-resistant and it starts as an opaque white color before it is printed. Labels made out of this material can maintain their color and quality even in very harsh conditions.
  • Clear BOPP – This material is a popular choice because it can give a look of not having a label without losing any of its quality or appearance in situations where moisture is a concern.

The material and adhesive decisions of your cosmetic labels are critical to product longevity so let us help find the most cost-effective options that also ensure your labels last.

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