Why White Space Is Important in your Label Design

When you are designing product packaging, you want to make sure that consumers are able to easily view, read and understand the text, colors and label design on the package. During the design process of creating product labels, there is a chance there might be too much “stuff” on the labels which will make them hard to read and process. Instead of trying to stuff a label full of product information and eye-catching graphics, make use of white space during the label printing process. The proper incorporation of white space will give the label a balanced look that draws more attention to the important elements of the label. In addition, white space allows the text to be effectively highlighted and helps to showcase the value of the product.

White Space Draws Attention to Key Elements

More than likely, there is a particular element or item on your label that you want to make sure is noticed by the public. White space draws attention to these certain elements so your important message is shared with consumers. In addition, making sure there is a proper amount of white space in the label design brings attention to the text or graphics that are located near the specific marketing message you are trying to highlight. Keep these tips in mind during the creation of the label as too many design elements can give it a crowded look that distracts from the key message you are trying to share with customers.

White Space Sets the Tone

The tone of the product design communicates a great deal of information that goes beyond the text and graphics. When creating product labels, the presence of white space is often able to deliver a feeling of freshness, value or status to the public. It is important to remember that “less is more” and this is true when it comes to the use of white space. Having a label design with less stuff on the final product can make the item seem like it is worth more than its actual price. The feeling that the product is elegant and fresh are qualities that many buyers find enticing and encourages them to make a purchase.

White Space Improves Legibility of Your Label

While it seems obvious to say, it needs to be pointed out that an increased amount of white space will make the label easier to read after the label printing process is completed. The purpose of the label is to get the attention of the public and both educate and intrigue them at the same time. Labels that have an overly crowded design results in a confusing branding message. The careful addition of white space between the marketing elements that you want the public to notice is a key step in improving the overall legibility of your label.

When designing your next labels, keep the importance of white space in mind.

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