Label Printing Trends for 2022

It’s a new year and that means a lot of articles that share the latest trends for various businesses. This is also true when it comes to label printing trends that give your custom printed labels a design that is professional and eye-catching. You can think of custom label printing as the topping on your product that gets consumers to notice you. There are studies that say you have anywhere from three to five seconds to get the attention of a customer so that means your labels need to have a design that is professional in appearance while also quickly delivering information desired by the public. Have you heard about the new, and fun, label trends on the way in 2022? If not, find out as we share three of the top label printing trends you’ll want to pay attention to, and use, in the coming months.

Photochromic Sunlight Ink

One of the newest innovations in label printing trends involves the use of photochromic sunlight ink. This type of ink is actually interactive as these “sun inks” change color when they are exposed to sunlight. When the light of the sun, or a UV light that contains 365-nanometer wavelengths, stimulates the inks printed on the materials, the photochromic dye molecules are activated and change from “colorless” to featuring colors. Once the light is no longer in contact with the inks, the molecules go back to their colorless state.

Die-Cut Labels

There are many unique ways custom printed labels can be used to enhance the look of your product and to gain more awareness in stores. One of the easiest ways is the use of die-cut labels to enhance the look of your products. Check out three proven ways designers are spicing up their design with die-cut labels:

  • The process of designing the cut to enhance the contour of the product can give the item a unique shape and make it quite eye-catching to the public
  • If you want to provide a “sneak peak” to consumers, cut out selected areas to show the product through the label
  • Labels spotlight the product to the public so be sure and infuse branding elements into the die-cut design of the label so consumers will instantly associate the label with your company

Shades and Gradients

There is a saying that “everything old is new again” and this counts for shades and gradients. They were very popular back in the 90’s but they eventually fell out of style. However, they have made a comeback in the last few years and their popularity seems to be stronger than in the past. These days, you can find shades and gradients (color transitions where one color blends to another color) used in the background of a design as well as in logos and even as the coloring of fonts on custom label printing products. Some of the most popular, and effective, printed pieces currently making use of shades and gradients include custom booklets, business cards and direct mail marketing pieces.

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