Graphic Communications works with customers in a diverse range of markets, specializing in the following Health and Beauty, Food and Beverage, Medical and Industrial sectors.

Health and Beauty (HBA)
The health and beauty label market is enormous and covers a wide range of segments ranging from nutraceuticals to cosmetics. GCI has specialized in the HBA market for decades and will help your company navigate the important label choices.

Food and Beverage
Custom food and beverage labels are a very important marketing feature that can influence the success of the product. If you are looking for high-quality and dynamic custom food and beverage labels, GCI has years of experience working on successful label solutions and helping you respond quickly to market demands.

The medical label market, covering products such as diagnostic, OTC and tamper evident labels, is surging and those products are in strong demand due to the competitive and ever-changing industry and regulatory landscape. GCI’s experience helps clients develop label solutions to meet these challenges.

GCI delivers a wide range of industrial product labels and works with you to identify the specific requirements for your labels including prototypes and samples for thorough testing.

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