Color Consistency – You Need It, We Can Deliver It

One of the biggest print challenges that brands and printed packaging buyers face is the ability to achieve color consistency from product to product. The inability to achieve color consistency from job to job is also cited as the number one reason that companies seek new label vendors.1 Whether it’s opaque solids that pop, crisp line-screen work, or high-definition photo-like four color process images, the color on each of your products’ labels is the visual representation of your company’s identity. And partnering with a label printer who specializes in color integrity and consistency is critical for brands that want differentiation on the shelf or to optimize their messaging in front of consumers and users of their products.

It Takes a (Color-Fluent) Village

In order to excel at color matching and print consistency from run to run, a label company has to understand the intricate relationship between the different components of a printing press and ink chemistry. But our know how extends far beyond that. While GCI has the most state-of-the-art printing press systems in the industry, it’s our people that set us apart from our competitors. Our people don’t just know color, they’ve lived color for decades. Between them, our team of color experts brings more than a century’s worth of experience to our production floor. Their backgrounds include print process optimization and control across all print processes and all packaging formats. 

Papers, Films, Synthetic Materials: We Guarantee Color Consistency Across all Substrates

Material changes can represent one of the biggest challenges for companies looking to maintain the print definition and appearance on their products’ labels. You may be using the same artwork and the same specified PMS or CMYK colors, however, you need to switch to a different substrate. Our customers might go from a semi-gloss paper to an opaque or clear film material. Substrates have different tonal ranges and can have a significant impact on color reproduction. With clear materials, the necessity of printing an opaque white under process work requires skilled operators and a top-notch color team. Whatever materials your products require, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Color Calibration Protocols Ensure our Customers’ Success 

GCI has stringent color calibration protocols in place for both our flexo and digital presses and our color team is involved in each and every press run we do for our clients. You could say that color consistency is our obsession. Ensuring print consistency from label to label, from run to run, and from job to job is at the foundation of our growth and success. 

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 1 According to research conducted by TLMI (Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute)