Celebrating 50 Years of Dedication to Print & Packaging

GCI’s journey from its humble beginnings to becoming the custom label and packaging solutions provider it is today is a testament to the power of family, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Founded half a century ago by the late Robert Lawler, Sr., the company’s story began in an unlikely setting – at the back of a pretzel company. With just one press and a vision to provide for his family, Lawler, Sr. embarked on a venture that would lay the foundation for today’s thriving business that is run by the next generation, the sister-brother team of Loretta Andrews and Bob Lawler, Jr. 


At the core of the GCI’s promise is an unwavering dedication to quality and service. Over the years, GCI has embraced innovation, navigating the industry’s technological evolution by continuously investing in state-of-the-art flexo and digital press systems. The decision to bring all plate-making in-house in 2002 marked a significant milestone, enhancing efficiency and control over the production process. This move, along with the adoption of highest-definition digital printing technology, underscores GCI’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements while maintaining the standards of quality the company is known for. 


While leading a family business in a competitive industry may come with its unique set of challenges, Loretta and Bob have navigated these waters by leveraging their complementary strengths and a shared vision for GCI’s future. Their collaborative approach has been crucial in steering the company through economic fluctuations, technological shifts, and the evolving demands of the market. The duo’s ability to adapt while staying true to their core values has been instrumental in GCI’s enduring growth and success.


Building Lasting Relationships and Embracing the Future


Central to GCI’s success are the deep, lasting relationships it has cultivated with clients, some spanning over 50 years. These partnerships are built on trust, reliability, and a mutual understanding that transcends mere transactional interactions. Looking ahead, Loretta and Bob are optimistic about the opportunities that lie in expanding into new markets and further integrating cutting-edge technologies. They envision a future where GCI continues to grow, driven by the same principles of quality, innovation, and customer service that have been its hallmark since the beginning.


As GCI celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company’s story is more than a business success; it’s a legacy of a family’s dedication to excellence. With a commitment to maintaining the quality and service that have defined GCI for decades, Loretta and Bob are ready to steer the company into its next chapter of innovation and growth.


In an industry that is constantly evolving, Graphic Communications, Inc. stands out as a pioneer of stability, quality, and innovation. Loretta and Bob’s leadership underscores the enduring value of family-run businesses in fostering genuine connections, adapting to change, and delivering excellence. As GCI looks to the future, its foundation remains rooted in the past, ensuring that the legacy of quality and commitment to customers continues for generations to come.