Are you aware you may be losing product to counterfeiters?

Do you suspect you are losing product, but are unable to track the product to find out?

GCI medical test kit security

Or do you know you are losing product and need brand protection help?

Are your products susceptible to counterfeiting or product diversion?

If answers to these questions are not clear to you, you should consider Track and Trace Serialization, one of the brand protection services GCI provides.

Track and Trace Serialization is broken down into three components: the Serialization, the Track and the Trace.  Each component works together to provide the security many companies need today.

Serialization is the designation and application of a unique verifiable product identifier to a group of individual products within a pack or box.

Track is to have visibility of the current and past locations of a serialized item.

Trace is to know who came into contact with the serialized item throughout the supply chain.

Track and Trace Serialization is a covert method of brand protection that can be used alone or in combination with other security features.

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Once implemented fully, Track and Trace Serialization provides a global product trail adding a layer of anti-counterfeit and brand protection security.

Most industries are affected by counterfeiting: Life Sciences, Nutraceuticals, Health & Beauty, Wine & Spirits, Consumer Goods etc.

Counterfeiting costs companies around the globe $460 billion dollars/year

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