Custom Label Printing Overview

digital-printing-2GCI produces custom pressure sensitive labels and custom flexible packaging for the health and beauty, food and beverage, medical, nutraceutical and chemical industries.

GCI offers 10 color web printing utilizing rotary screen, UV and water based inks for flexographic printing. GCI uses a direct-to-plate process to ensure time savings and consistent high resolution 10 color quality.

For all of their processes, GCI offers secondary services including foil stamping, die cutting, two-sided web printing, multi-web laminating, contract manufacturing and form, fill and seal packaging are available upon request.

GCI strives for long term and multi-service partnerships with our clients, providing high quality, quick and innovative solutions, on-time and on-spec delivery and all the related services necessary help our clients succeed.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is the most popular technology for label printing today. GCI has a broad range of flexographic presses that allow printing width up to 16”, up to 10 colors and resolution of 170 lines per inch. For more detailed information, visit our flexographic printing page

Digital Printing

GCI also can offer you the flexibility of digital printing. Digital printing remains the best option to ensure quality and consistency for small to mid-sized runs and benefits include higher color resolution and cost effective changes to meet compliance regulations and ingredient alterations.

For more detailed information, visit our custom digital printing page

Secondary Services

GCI also offers secondary processes such as:

  • Foil Stamping
  • Die Cutting
  • Multi-Web Laminating
  • Double Sided Printing
  • Pattern Gluing and Varnish

On-board sensing and visual imaging technology allows for accurate placement and minimal tolerance levels on automatic processes—including high-speed labeling, thermoforming and form/fill/sealing services.

Please contact us for any of your custom label printing needs.