Precise production with your specs is combined with our ability to adapt to changing requirements and rush orders


Nutrition labels, also called nutraceutical labels, are in strong demand due to the competitive and ever-changing nutritional industry and regulatory aspects. GCI’s experience can help customers develop label processes to meet these challenges.

Advantages of Working with GCI:

  • Recognized label integrity derives from GCI’s fine tuned printing processes that ensure the customer’s label remains legible during the product’s lifespan.
  • GCI’s systems are built and organized to support quality. GCI works consistently to ensure the customer’s labels print correctly each time with full traceability of raw materials.
  • Custom nutrition labels are a core competency for GCI. We help the customer throughout the entire label buying and development processes.
  • Responsive and flexible service is a given at GCI; precise compliance with our client’s specifications is combined with the flexibility to quickly adapt to changing requirements and rush orders.
  • Our in-house label design services help match the specific label with the target audience demographics.

GCI’s strong expertise with flexible packaging is also ideally suited for nutraceutical products.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals (nutrition and pharmaceutical combined) refer to products that range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and herbal products, specific diets, genetically modified food, and processed foods such as cereals, soups, and beverages.

Nutraceutical product labeling is regulated according to various standards based on the product classification as a drug, dietary supplement, food ingredient or food. The major issues that nutraceutical companies commonly face relate to government regulations on product labeling. For more information, see the FDA site for Dietary Supplements.

The Demand for Custom Nutrition Labels

Despite these regulation issues, growth in nutraceutical production and consumption in the U.S. has led to a higher demand for custom nutrition labels and nutraceutical labels. New market opportunities and competitors are forcing manufacturers to be more attentive and creative with product labeling to maximize shelf appeal.

Several vital trends affect how companies design their nutraceutical labels and market their products:

  • The population is aging, due to the baby boomer generation.
  • The cost of healthcare continues to rise, leading to health trends focused on preventing disease
  • Frustration and skepticism of traditional western medicine is increasing.
  • Consumer demand for natural and holistic products is expanding due to their positive image.
  • Increases in disposable income are spreading across different demographics and into emerging market regions.

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