Impact of Craft Beer Labels on Consumer Decisions

The craft beer market continues to grow at a rapid pace.  That growth has generated major competition ranging from large, well known beer manufacturers to small, independent breweries. This is fantastic for consumers, however, the vast amount of choices makes it hard for brands to get attention on store shelves. Packed shelves at the store offer limited space and retailers have to choose their selections carefully. 75% of the new offerings last year in the total beer category (including ciders and flavored malt beverages) were craft beers – it is safe to say that brewers need every advantage possible. That’s where the beer label and packaging becomes vital, especially when you consider the majority (70%) of these consumer decisions are made in the store.

According to the Craft Beer Category Design Audit from Nielsen, 66% of American craft beer buyers reported the beer label/packaging is valuable for getting them to notice it. 60% also stated that the beer label/packaging is important in persuading them to try it for the first time. Other findings included women being slightly more open to design influence than men (75% to 66%) and 71% of craft beer purchasers stating brands with bold and interesting labels and packaging attracted their attention.

Overall, the design audit study found that consumers engaged most with the following elements of the beer label/packaging:

·Color scheme on the beer label

·Logo or brand name

·Design of the package box or carrier

·Information on where the beer was produced

·Alcohol % by volume data

With the entire beer category growing each year, package design is a key factor regardless of sub category. With so much variety and competition in the craft beer aisle, particularly as craft sales inched up just under 3% over the past year, marketing and label innovation play a significant role in getting noticed and added to shoppers’ carts. Standing out visually is also important when you consider that beer purchase decisions are more likely to be made at the shelf than overall fast-moving consumer goods purchases (70% vs. 58%).

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