Like all of us, GCI has been closely monitoring the guidance from the CDC and state and local governments about COVID-19. On March 19, Pennsylvania Governor Wolf announced the closure of all businesses that are non-life sustaining to help contain the spread of the virus. According to Governor’s list, GCI is permitted to be open as an essential business. We are fully operational, providing vital services for the medical testing, food and chemical industries.

GCI’s focus is on protecting their employees and the wider community from risk resulting from the spread of COVID-19. However, GCI is a manufacturing business and the production work must be performed on-site. GCI’s facility is in lock down mode; doors are locked at all times, no visitors are allowed. Delivery drivers are received in the parking lot where possible or a restricted area at the loading dock for truck deliveries. Furthermore, GCI has implemented internal protocols to maintain social distancing, hand washing and setup of sanitizer stations, machinery and work station cleanliness and minimizing points of touch around the facility. GCI has directed sales employees to use email, phone or conference calls in lieu of face-to-face meetings and eliminated other non-essential visits until the risk has passed.

GCI’s current on hand inventory of raw materials, all manufactured in the U.S., is equal to several months’ worth of finished product. We are working closely with our raw material vendors to make sure there is as little disruption as possible to our supply chain.

Please be assured that, despite these challenges, GCI remains committed to sustaining the high level of service our clients are accustomed to and we are prepared to assist current as well as new customers so they can respond quickly to market demands. Please reach out to GCI with any label/packaging needs or challenges, we are here to help you.