I’m Loretta Andrews, custom labeling and flexible packaging professional.

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About Loretta & Graphic Communications (GCI)

My clients say that I rock when it comes to solving their labeling & packaging problems.   I started working in this industry with my dad when I could barely crawl.  He was an inspiration and mentor for my brother Bob and I.  When we took over the business, we expanded investments in our people, equipment and knowledge.  We have invested millions of dollars to be at the top of our game for you. The people at GCI are dedicated label and packaging professionals who prove daily that your requirements are understood and followed and your labels and packaging represent your brand accurately. My emails are a way for me to give you ideas that you could implement with your current printer or possibly give us a reason to have a conversation.  My goal is always to learn about you, your process, your label application needs and then create a partnership if it makes sense.  GCI’s 46 years of success is based on long term partnerships with our clients and continuing to help them thrive. Join Us!