With the emergence of microbreweries and gaining popularity of craft beers, the demand for custom beer labels is growing quickly. After type and style of beer, the label is the most important factor when consumers are choosing which beer to purchase. Custom beer labels help make sure your beer is chosen when shoppers make that important buying decision.

Label Integrity

Your beer labels need to be able to withstand a cooler full of ice and a moist fridge. GCI uses high quality materials and adhesives engineered specifically for your custom beer labels.

It’s very simple to create multiple label designs of the same size and print them all in a single run. Imagine introducing some complementary designs to add “something different” when they’re side by side on the shelf.

Increase your shelf appeal, all while still perpetuating your unique brand with multiple custom beer labels. With digital label printing, the only limitation is your creativity – cost is no longer the driving force it has always been with traditional label printing.

GCI strives for long term and multi-service partnerships with our clients, providing high quality printing, quick and innovative solutions, on-time and on-spec delivery and all the related services necessary help our clients succeed.

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