Is managing color and color consistency critical to your brand?

Each time packaging arrives, do you find yourself praying that the color is consistent with your other packaging or previous orders?

Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate that problem and ensure your brand identity remains strong?

GCI can help make that happen.

GCI specializes in color management and understands how vital color consistency is to any brand. Brands adopt colors, they work constantly to ensure the colors remain consistent throughout their marketing material or risk losing their brand identity.

Brand consistency requires color management across packaging of differing fill weights on varying materials and printing processes.

GCI also recognizes the several factors which play a part in how we perceive the 10 million + colors in existence, including:

  • The human factor – the human eye is the most discerning of color variations, we each perceive colors differently
  • The composition of the printing ink and printing method used to apply color
  • How the color is created; spot PMS colors vs. CMYK/4 color process vs. Extended Gamut
  • The finish and color of the label material or surface being printed
  • Any protective coatings or films applied on top of the label
  • The light source environment the label or packaging is being viewed under (fluorescent, incandescent, outdoor/natural, in store, viewing angle and distance)
  • The viewing platform: in person vs. computer monitor

If your company faces challenges with color consistency or color management issues, please contact GCI so we can work with you to standardize color communication and protect your brand using tools and processes we have in place.